360° Film. Director/Animator

An abstract journey inside the human brain.

A Brilliant Night is an annual fundraising event hosted by the Montreal Neurological Institute, in an effort to raise money for brain cancer research. I worked closely with The Neuro's team of doctors and researchers over several months to write and develop this story –and discovered that some really interesting answers lie within the depths of stem cell research! This 360° film was screened at the Montreal Planetarium. 

Shout out to The BigBrain team for providing scanned images of the human brain! bigbrain.loris.ca

Shout out to Chris Bobotis and Nancy Eperjesy from Mettle for their 360° software, their help and general awesomeness! mettle.com/

Check out the event and donate if you can!

concept/story/direction: George Simeo
animation: Patrick Goski, Pierre-Guilhem Roudet, Dominic Ponz, George Simeo
sound design: Joe Barrucco
voice-over: Dr.Kevin Petrecca (EN), Ivan Boulva (FR)

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