Online Commercial. Director/Animator.

Client/ Echoer & WowWee

final design
Little details make me very happy.

ECHOER was so satisfied with the final visual treatment that they adopted the characters and artwork as part of their brand identity!
concept art
Concept, Art Direction, Animation, Direction: George Simeo
Illustrations: Jack Dylan
C4D Technical Director: Patrick Goski
Additional Animation: Vincenzo Spina
Audio Producer: Mark Stafford
Producer: Daniel Cowen


other werks...

Music Video. Co-Director.
TV Commercial. Animator.
OSHEAGA 2014. Polaroid Experiment.
Music VIdeo. Art Director.
In The Mouth. Art Director.
TV Commercial. Director/Animator.
Montreal In Motion. Design.
360° Film. Director/Animator
In-Store & Online Commercial. Director/Animator.
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