About You / GRL PWR

Animated visuals created for the About You x GRL PWR campaign.



To celebrate International Women’s Day, online fashion shop ABOUT YOU launched an empowerment campaign built around more cohesion, individuality, strength of and for, women. Leading the charge for AY’s GRL PWR movement are real girls and social media sensations Bonnie Strange, Ace Tee and Sarina Nowak.

I animated and edited this piece.



Working with AY’s in-house design team, we created these animations to feel like an extension of their poster series, which can be seen here. The aesthetic helps add an unexpected flair and calls attention to key moments throughout the piece.



Thanks to the entire ABOUT YOU fam for inviting me to collab on this feel good project. If you’re feeling fearless, pick up some of this sweet merch!

Client: About You GmbH
Project Supervisor: Elena Reudenbach
Creative Direction & Design: Ömer Irkilata, Efkan Irkilata
Animation & Editing: George Simeo
Producer: Jakob Knauer