I was given carte-blanche by the Montréal Neurological Institute (The NEURO), to create an installation that explained a major medical breakthrough made by their elite team of researchers: CANCER HAS STRUCTURE.

What this meant became the raison d'être of RISE ADN FALL (pronounced, Rise And Fall) which is a visualization into the developmental structure of normal cells and cancer cells. If we were to imagine a pyramid, cellular evolution at the top is highly ordered and structured, even in cancer. The impetus being that once researchers can understand something's structure, they can understand how it came into existence and stop this disease at the source: stem cells.

RISE ADN FALL illustrates the delicate dance between the ecosystems of order and chaos. It depicts the journey of a cell told through three illuminated pillars, representing three key moments in cellular evolution and placed in a triangular formation as to have the spectator stand in the center.